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Reporting stories at the intersection of Community, policy, and science.

Hannah Hagemann is a freelance journalist covering environment and health. Most recently she was a 2019-2020 NPR Kroc Fellow. In that role she reported for KQED, KAZU, and NPR, and covered the CZU Lightning Complex Fire on the ground for the network. She also reported for the network's News Desk and National Desk and produced stories with NPR's news magazine Weekend Edition



As a fellow Hagemann reported on the COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice protests extensively. Hagemann has a master's in science journalism from UC Santa Cruz and enjoys reporting stories at the intersection of community, policy and science. She's reported in-depth on environmental impacts and public health

Before beginning a career in journalism, Hagemann worked as a geologist. She sampled and cleaned up industrial pollution across California with drill crews, railroad foremen and high-level regulators. The work brought Hagemann to remote corners of the Mojave and sprawling air force bases, but most often she was investigating contamination in working-class communities across Southern California.

As a result of an investigation Hagemann reported during her master's program, $700,000 of state funding was reprogrammed to install high-end air filters on metal processing facilities in Southeast Los Angeles, which will decrease local air pollution.

In her free time, Hagemann enjoys hiking, skiing, mountain biking and seeing live bluegrass and funk music. She also paints landscapes and writes poetry. Currently, she's using the pandemic as an excuse to learn the mandolin. 


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